Post-Jam Corrections

6 days of jamming wasn't enough to finish all 6 levels. 

After some rest, reflection on the valuable feed-backs, and tuning this project to Unity's new HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline), this little game has been seeing some more light at the end of the tunnel!

Design Error?

Everybody liked the flashy effects and the haunting retro music, yet so few souls managed to understand the end-level puzzle (same in each level). That was my fault for not learning already to place some hints, or a clear level design... 

The Solution

So many people said the reflections were waaaay over-saturated, so they clearly had to be dimmed with some Smoothness reduction on the reflective Materials

The number of different colors in each scene was reduced also, and this resulted in a more easily understandable environment, which in turn, helped clear the puzzles a bit (they're still challenging)...

/stefano-bertolino pointed out, that the KEY element in the Earth level was unfairly hidden, and he was right, that level is now more easily navigable, thanks to some highlighting PointLights, and proper bordering/defining the paths leading forward, or upward, or downward., or backward...

Upgrading to HDRP

Unity3D has AAA quality rendering capabilities as of late, and through this project, I finally tasted the magic! The new PostProcessingFX and ShaderGraph offer way more possibilities graphics and performance wise, when you're using lots of Particles, Global Illumination, Realtime Reflections and every latest trick from the hat.

Give it a play-test!

Are you a Mac user, who couldn't play this game yet, or did you wander around not knowing what to do when you originally played it? 

You're in for a surprise now! Please remember to leave your feedback in the comments.

Best regards,

Attila @ Greenworks

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