***NOTE***  ending cutscene video won't play in browser, so please DOWNLOAD for a full experience ;)

* Your LoveLight brightens the world around you, but it does burn out eventually. Prove your #FAITH and the longer it burns, the clearer your #VISION gets.

* Everything reflects #EVERYTHING. They say "Love is blind", so without no *Love there is no Light*. 

* v1.01 changelog:

-set redish colors to the LoveLight Counter & Particles when it's critically low;
-added 5% more LoveLight Particle (in the logical places);
-enabled AI for all the wolves (a few were left out in my hurry to finish before the deadline)
-removed animations from the children, so their AI works too now (noob mistake to animate moving AIs positions)


LoveLight 1.01 x64.zip 74 MB
LoveLight 1.01 x32.zip 71 MB
LoveLight 1.01 Mac.zip 75 MB
LoveLight WebGL(0.72-final).zip 50 MB

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