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WOW!!.....Good game..Loved It.


I like it! I had to play alone, but the aesthetic is cute and the level designs were fun. Just a couple notes:

  • A quick fade between the dark and light backgrounds would make it easier on the eyes
  • At one point I ended up with the red circle on top of the green circle and wondered if I could use that to jump higher, but the red circle couldn't jump at that point. I think it might lead to some interesting puzzle designs, but it would probably also require changing existing puzzles, so I dunno, just a thought :)

Glad you had fun while playing!

And thanks for pointing out the fade transition. these guys made a similar game for this "CONNECT" game-jam, which I think you'll like. I did :)


Very cool. Love the music and graphics, both wonderfully simple. The levels are interesting and would like ot see how it plays with two people. Sadly I wasn't able to grab anyone else to play with me.

Thanks a lot! So glad to head that finally something simple for change is still enough to make a good 100hour game. Definately try it with someone else! You'll see the whole point of the game, that together nothing can stop your progress.


This seams very fun and I played it on slow because I haven't found anyone else to play with. It seems very polished. I love the art and the overall aesthetic. I can't believe this was made in one hundred hours! Great game I might revisit this if I find someone to play with! 

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Yeah, the slower speeds were introduced halfway through, when I realized I couldn't finish the latter levels alone at the original speed. That's another reason why early play-test is life-saving! When you build levels in a grid, and respect the proportions, even simple graphics like this can seem wow. To boast a bit, but hey, I'm proud that I found a good process (pm me if you want details), this game was actually made under 50 hours, because I was working other job one night (and sleeping the next day), so that's why the art and mechanics was kept simple, and with increasing challenges.