Can the two of you play together?

 Of course! Can you play this game alone? You could, with both hands, and probably on a slower setting. 

If you really wish to have the rush of a synchronized play with your mate, try the "LINKed" speed setting.

If you want to go fast, go alone. And if you want to go far, go together!

Very simple concept

1. Love yourself by filling the hole in your heart

2. Link with an other who is also self loving 

3. Ascend to a higher plane

Nr 2 represents polarity & separation

It is symbolized by a line or by two circles connected at their centers (called a Vesica Piscis). They embody the paradox of opposite poles that remember their source and attract each other in an attempt to merge and return to a state of UNITY. 

They also symbolize the need to balance duality within & without.

The overlapping section

of the Vesica Piscis (the almond-like shape) illustrates when two opposite forces unify or merge, their energy is greater than the sum of their individual parts. In other words, it creates pure synergy. Inside, it contains all the necessary proportions/elements to create the rest of the numbers & shapes. That is why it is also considered as the cosmic womb & birth channel.

Theme was: CONNECT

** made in 100 hours for ExtraCreditsGameJam#4  **

Made withUnity
Tags2D, circle, connect, Gravity, heart, Multiplayer, Retro, sync
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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WOW!!.....Good game..Loved It.


I like it! I had to play alone, but the aesthetic is cute and the level designs were fun. Just a couple notes:

  • A quick fade between the dark and light backgrounds would make it easier on the eyes
  • At one point I ended up with the red circle on top of the green circle and wondered if I could use that to jump higher, but the red circle couldn't jump at that point. I think it might lead to some interesting puzzle designs, but it would probably also require changing existing puzzles, so I dunno, just a thought :)

Glad you had fun while playing!

And thanks for pointing out the fade transition. these guys made a similar game for this "CONNECT" game-jam, which I think you'll like. I did :)


Very cool. Love the music and graphics, both wonderfully simple. The levels are interesting and would like ot see how it plays with two people. Sadly I wasn't able to grab anyone else to play with me.

Thanks a lot! So glad to head that finally something simple for change is still enough to make a good 100hour game. Definately try it with someone else! You'll see the whole point of the game, that together nothing can stop your progress.


This seams very fun and I played it on slow because I haven't found anyone else to play with. It seems very polished. I love the art and the overall aesthetic. I can't believe this was made in one hundred hours! Great game I might revisit this if I find someone to play with! 

(1 edit)

Yeah, the slower speeds were introduced halfway through, when I realized I couldn't finish the latter levels alone at the original speed. That's another reason why early play-test is life-saving! When you build levels in a grid, and respect the proportions, even simple graphics like this can seem wow. To boast a bit, but hey, I'm proud that I found a good process (pm me if you want details), this game was actually made under 50 hours, because I was working other job one night (and sleeping the next day), so that's why the art and mechanics was kept simple, and with increasing challenges.